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Most expensive Jets in the world

In this article you will find the list of most expensive private jets in the world.

1.      Airbus A 380 , Price $500 Million

Airbus created a modified A 380 for Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia. It is the most expensive jet owned by him and is unmatched in terms of luxury. He paid $350 million as the base price of this aircraft and rest of $150 million was invested in its up gradation. Each and everything inside the aircraft is gold plated. Popularly known as “Kingdom in the Sky”, it’s having a solid gold throne, concert hall, Turkish bath, garage for Rolls-Royce and prayer room which automatically rotates to face Mecca.

2.      Airbus A 340-300 , Price $350-450 Million

This is the second most expensive and the largest private plane owned by Alisher Usmanov, the richest man in Russia. The base price of Airbus A 340-300 is $238 million and rest of $150-200 million is spent on its customisation. This aircraft has a state of the art technology, world class interiors and security systems.

3.      Boeing 747-430, Price $233 Million

This third most luxurious and expensive private jet is owned by Sultan of Brunei, one of the richest monarchs in the world. Besides the basic cost of $100 million, he invested $130 million more to customise his jet. The living room, bedroom and bathroom are all decorated with gold and crystal. All the washbasins in all his bathrooms are made out of solid gold.

4.      Boeing 747-400, Price $220 Million

This jet is owned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal which is cheapest amongst all the private jets owned by him. This aircraft can carry up to 400 people, but the prince had other plans for it. He stripped the entire interior out and customised according to his feel and touch.

5.      Boeing 767-33A/ER, Price $120-170 Million

The fifth most expensive jet is owned by Roman Abramovich. The original plane could transport up to 300 people, but Russian Billionaire has customised it according to his choice. The plane has a master bedroom and a 30 seat dining room with all the possible amenities. The plane is used for his personal travel or to fly his football team- Chelsea.

6.      Boeing 747-81 VIP, Price $153 Million

This beautiful Boeing is owned by Hong Kong real estate tycoon, Joseph Lau. He named his private jet as Dreamliner, most of the interior is handcrafted. The most interesting thing inside the jet is a spiral staircase that takes you to the deck.

7.      Gulfstream III , Price $125 Million

This customised “Flying theater” is owned by Tyler Perry, American producer, actor & director. The plane has several big displays, a library and everything which is required to enjoy the flight. He has installed the special type of glass so that the opacity can be controlled. The basic price of this aircraft is $65 million and the rest of the money is spent in its up- gradation.

8.      Boeing 757, Price $ 100 Million

Donald trump owns this most exclusive private jet. He bought the used plane from Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder and has been pouring money to customise the plane in his own style. The plane has gold fittings like gold seat belts, gold plated sink & gold faucets in the bathroom. He has also installed a video room including a home cinema system with a 52 inch screen display in his master bedroom. This jet is customised in the trump style.

9.      Airbus A319 Corporate Jet , Price $ 80.7 Million

This jet is the second most expensive, modern and comprehensive corporate model in the family of Airbus. With the passenger capacity of 8, the comfort is unmatched with the custom made interiors.

10.   Boeing 737- Price $ 80 Million

 The basic price of this aircraft is $57 million, rest of all the money is spent on making the flying experience just awesome! It can carry 19 passengers with sleeping facility for 8 people. This aircraft is equipped with king- sized bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and conference room with direct access to internet via satellite.
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