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Empty Leg: A Luxury charter service that doesn’t ‘Empty’ your pocket

The whims and fancies of a human mind has no limitations and one such aspiration was to fly free like a bird. This passionate urge to ‘touch the sky’ has resulted into the sprawling aviation industry, which makes millions of people fly every day, around the globe, from one destination to another!

While air travel has become very common these days, booking a private luxury charter flight is still a distant dream for many.  We, at UNLOK, one of the most renowned luxury air charter service provider in India have flown people to exotic locations for some incredible celebrations and mesmerizing memories. And what if we tell you that you can travel in the most luxurious charter flights without burning a hole in your pockets, would you believe us? Well you have to, because the best solution to satiate your craving for flying charter at unbelievably slashed prices is ‘Empty Leg’.  

To explain the term better, a flight returning to its anchor, post completing a charter flight duty is called an “empty leg”. Private jet charter firms are realizing that their aircraft have to return to base at some point and often do so without the human cargo they have just ferried somewhere swanky, have taken to offer these return "empty" legs for cut-price rates as it is a great opportunity to save a little extra and optimizing the resources well.
Now how does it benefits you? Firstly, you can indulge in splendid luxury of flying in a private charter at steep discounts (as high as 70% rate slash). Secondly, you can enjoy convenient check-ins at the airport without having to drag yourself through long queues. Thirdly, the charter flight schedules are very flexible and can easily be moulded as per your timings, so no early wake- ups just to catch a flight. (Unlok Suggests: Propose your girlfriend in a luxurious charter flight that is returning ‘empty leg’. She will be overwhelmed to see your efforts and you will be overwhelmed with such a great deal. A win-win situation for both).

While the empty leg flying has been able to survive in a very niche eco-system, the trend is slowly picking up pace amongst the masses. Of course, finding your perfect empty leg flight does require a bit of patience and luck, especially for those looking for a specific flight. It’s advised that customers searching for empty legs be flexible, willing to book last minute and travel in groups so that the price of the flight remains as low as possible. After all, you do need to charter the whole plane, so if your group can fill all the seats, your price per head will really hit rock-bottom.

How can UNLOK help you to get the best deals?
It’s simple, just give us a call at: +91-11- 49853050 or write to us at: . We will be glad to assist you with an extensive details of all the available ‘empty leg’ options in India or overseas and get you some great deals for the luxury flying. As a company with a legacy of providing unmatched luxury charter services, we will make sure that your trip is drenched with an unforgotten experience. 
So what are you waiting for, go ahead pack your bags and fly exotic with UNLOK your personal concierge for indulgent air travel.  

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