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When we talk about differences between a charter and a commercial aircraft, there is a lot which can be listed. Initially, using jet charters for travelling was a big deal and there were very few players in this domain. However, with time and significant changes in travel industry, nowadays people prefer to travel in a private charter for important business meetings or personal events.

There are a number of aircraft charters in India and you can have helicopter charters on rental and lease basis as well. Some of the basic differences between charters and commercials are that the former has features like flexibility, convenience and a hassle-free process for travelling to your favourite destination. Commercial airlines, on the other hand, have fixed schedules for arrival and departure and in case you have missed your scheduled flight, you have to re-arrange your timings and schedule as per the given timeline. A charter normally is hired by companies, large groups or even a single person and it operates on that day itself and goes to the fixed destination without any layovers. 

There is a huge price difference between chartering a place and opting commercial airline for your travelling. However, you don’t mind paying much if you are getting better seats, luxury facilities, less travelling time (minus layovers) and efficient services. 

It is all about your budget and preferences wherther you want to go for private carrier or take the regular commercial flight on your next trip. Each one comes with its own set of pros and cons and its better to decide your travel plan accordingly. 

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